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Who are we?


Junior Jungle was created by potty party people - DJ Nick Terrific and MC Rocky Patch, as the antidote to ‘baby raves’. Functioning on the pillars of; No pop, No Diznee, Just proper tunes and real ravin' for kids and adults together


At a Junior Jungle Party you can expect only the finest cuts of Dubwise Drum and Bass, Jungle and hip hop remixes all vetted for age appropriate content, and expertly mixed live by Nick Terrific.

You can also expect to dance, a lot. MC Rocky Patch will lead the charge making sure all partygoers are jumpin’ and skankin’. There will be dance offs and battles. Who will win? The Jungle cats? Or The Mashup Monkeys




            Why jungle?

Cos its awesome! You may be a Junglist you may not, It doesn't matter. We guarantee this is the most uplifting party you'll ever go to!




Our mission

We have a mission to get parents dancing WITH their kids, not just watching them or goofing about slightly embarrassed, but properly losing it to the music with the tiny dancers. This is why we have MC Rocky Patch- Worlds Funniest MC-. leading from the front to structure the party. Rocky ensures that small children feel safe in what can seem like an adult environment and parents feel safe throwing shapes in a way they may not have done for a number of years.




Why us?


We have been creating parties and events professionally for over 20 years in Bristol and London and venues through out the UK's most prestigious festivals including Glastonbury, Boomtown and Bestival as well as events in Korea, Japan. Partying is in our blood. Now we have small children of our own and we want them to experience the magic of a proper dance party.


'Junior Jungle slam the tunes down one after another and when we say tunes we mean BIG tunes! The silent disco-ers loved them with chants of "more, more!"'-

Dick & Dom 

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